Sunday 29 March 2009

They only want you when you're 17...

Came across Ladytron's video "Seventeen" which I haven't heard in ages and feels as fresh as ever. I do like how these are the only lyrics in the whole track just repeated again and again and again...

They only want you when you're seventeen
When you're twenty-one
You're no fun
They take a polaroid and let you go
Say they'll let you know
So come on

Recently I've become to like Kenneth Cappello's work more and more. Just the simplicity of the shots means that for the shots to be great the photographer really has to connect well with the person being photographed...came across a video of Erin Wasson for RCVA...

And finally I've been listening alot today to Holly Miranda who hails from Tennesse! :)

C.Andrew Tingle

Thursday 26 March 2009


Every now and again I like to take some shots of just the set ups so people can see how it’s done. I’ve shot in numerous places and studios and even the one below in my front living room! So anything is possible :)

Currently doing planning for test shoot next week that I’m excited about. Seems they’re slowing getting into bigger and bigger productions everytime.

Friday 20 March 2009

The Hannah show…

A mate of mine was in contact with me asking did I use this girl a while back to which I did. I was using a different space back then…(ridiculously small) so could only really do head-shots with a small softbox which was very restricting in what I wanted to do but here’s two examples from previously a few week’s back the bottom shot is with Fuji Acros ISO 100 b/w film….starting to like it instead of the Delta surprisingly!



Thursday 19 March 2009

Last shots of Hannah

These are the last ones from the test shoot with Hannah. Luckily I managed to get a larger space to work in, so was nice to try a few new things. The shots below are just with a Bowens 500w/s head with the wide angle reflector just flashed directly on, really strong and contrasty and just directly above camera. The other shots in the last post are just one light set-ups with a large softbox camera right with some reflector on camera left. Finally on this set up I wanted to try and do some naturally lighting but just still with a backdrop. Unfortunately it was actually quite a windy day so it was a bit of a nightmare trying to get the backdrop to stay still, but still managed it with some extra flash lighting on the backdrop just to make sure that the white is pure brilliant white. And then when developing the film, I just made sure to let it develop a little longer to get it more contrasty....just the way I like it! ;)

More Hannah...

Wednesday 18 March 2009

Hannah banana...

First post!!!! Decided that I'm going to start this blog so I can have some place to display work that is normally the work that just sits there without anyone seeing! Will hopefully start taking more "behind the scenes-esque" shots so people can see layouts and settings for photographs. Wish me good luck with this wee little venture!