Thursday 19 March 2009

Last shots of Hannah

These are the last ones from the test shoot with Hannah. Luckily I managed to get a larger space to work in, so was nice to try a few new things. The shots below are just with a Bowens 500w/s head with the wide angle reflector just flashed directly on, really strong and contrasty and just directly above camera. The other shots in the last post are just one light set-ups with a large softbox camera right with some reflector on camera left. Finally on this set up I wanted to try and do some naturally lighting but just still with a backdrop. Unfortunately it was actually quite a windy day so it was a bit of a nightmare trying to get the backdrop to stay still, but still managed it with some extra flash lighting on the backdrop just to make sure that the white is pure brilliant white. And then when developing the film, I just made sure to let it develop a little longer to get it more contrasty....just the way I like it! ;)

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I'd say her father is a nervous wreck. Great shots and great poses to get out of her.